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Delta Wines: Your wine adventure guide to the wineries of the Sacramento/SanJoaquin Delta Region.


Over 50 wineries,
85 Full Color Pages
Maps to the wineries, Events,
Travel Info, Regional Wines
Los Carneros Wines: The most complete guide to the wineries of Southern Napa and Sonoma Counties.


Over 30 wineries,
80 Full Color Pages
Maps to the wineries, Events,
Travel Info, Regional Wines

Sierra Wines: The most complete guide to the wineries of the Sierra Nevada Foothills of eastern California.


Over 150 wineries,
227 Black & White Pages

The Zin Avenger:
The Order of Zin , Awakenings:

Fourth generation California winemaker Joe Gambaro suddenly stumbles upon a mysterious tunnel in a far corner of his vineyards, and deduces that it must be connected to his Great Grandfather. The tunnel contains many mysterious manuscripts and dusty bottles of wine, which Joe can't resist tasting. He soon discovers unpredictable, new abilities which reveal new mysteries in the Gambaro family history.

Joe's friends in the local wine industry discover deception and deceit in the dealings of a multinational conglomerate whose legitimate, if immoral and predatory, bulk wine production and import business is really a cover for a far more sinister trade. Join Joe,his wife Elise, and friends Ed and Pauline as they unwittingly uncover a ring of criminals who are as intelligent and creative as they are evil. Read on to the thrilling conclusion as they find themselves caught in the middle of an all-out gang war at the port of Oakland.
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Coming 2009: The Order of Zin, Elixir:

Read Elixir, the next book in the Order of Zin series.  Joe Gambaro crosses paths with an obscure wine cult with ties to the Aztecs and the Fountain of Youth. Amazingly enough, he learns how the winery behind the cult is producing enormously popular, maybe even addictive wines, that cause isolated cases of criminal insanity.  His friends discover some of the sinister secrets of this cult and their special wines.  Joe then learns of the existence of a mysterious group known as the Order of Zin.  Look for “The Zin Avenger, Elixir” to be released by California Wine Publishing in 2009.