California Wine Magazine PresentsCabernet Sauvignon

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Food Style Pairing Characteristics
Beef Steaks Grilled or Barbequed The medium to full body pairs well with full fattier, bolder bodied meats. The charcoal flavors pairs with oak aging spices.
Beef & Pork Roasts Roasted or Braised The fat in the roasted meat coats the palate to protect it from tannins.
Venison Grilled or barbequed The big, spicy quality of the meat with the boldness of the wine make for a classic pairing, especially if the meat is marinated in wine sauce first.
Lamb Grilled, with mint sauce The spicy sweetness of lamb matches the same in the wine. The mint is a bridge to the wine's herbaceous possibilities.
Hamburger Based Foods Baked, Grilled, Fried, Barbequed, etc. The medium to full body, pairs well with full fattier, bolder bodied meats and cooking methods
Mushrooms In sauces or alone. The great forest floor earthiness of these robust mushrooms brings out the subtitles of these in the wine.
Pepper or herbs Sauces/seasonings Pepper, rosemary, thyme and mint
Camembert, Blue, Gorgonzola,Parmesan In sauce or alone The fat levels in the cheese help coat the palate to protect from tannins in the wine.
Fruit: Red and black cherries, boysenberry, blackberry, plums and black currant. Fruit can taste very ripe in some wines from warm growing regions. Non-Fruit: Green olives, chocolate, green herbs, coffee, cocoa, mint, cedar, vanilla, leather, smoke, tobacco, eucalyptus, mint and cigars.
Region(s): Contra Costa, Lake, Monterey, Napa, San Luis Obispo & Sonoma Counties, the Sierra Foothills, Livermore Valley and Southern California.
Other Notes: This is a wine that is often powerful with concentrated flavors making it a bit tricky to pair with food when young. Based on growing region Cabs can have some noticeable acidity and be a bit lighter bodied or high alcohol and bigger body. Many younger Cabs,need bigger, fattier foods like barbequed red meat to bring out its still developing fruit and non-fruit characteristics. See our full article: Cabernet Sauvignon.